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Faculty List

Dr. Mahmoud Montasser

Consultant Neonatologist at University Hospital Wishaw and a Transport Consultant Neonatologist for ScotSTAR's regional neonatal transport team in West of Scotland, UK. He serves as an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. His expertise includes Neonatologist Performed Echocardiography (NOPE), with a focus on neonatal hemodynamics, cardio-pulmonary vascular transition, functional echocardiography, and lung ultrasound as part of point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) in neonates.

Dr Neil Patel

Consultant Neonatologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. He trained in neonatology at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia and the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK. He is a Senior NHS Research Scotland Fellow, Scottish Quality and Safety Fellow, and Clinical Innovation Lead for the West of Scotland Innovation Hub. Neil has specialist clinical and research interests in neonatal haemodynamic assessment and management, including in congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Neil leads local and international collaborations, including within the CDH Euro-consortium and International CDH Study Group. His other interests include Family Integrated Care, and clinical innovation including asynchronous video for remote care and non-invasive physiological monitoring.

Dr. Anne Marie Heuchen

Consultant in neonatal medicine with the Royal Hospital for Children and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. Dr. Heuchan has a strong interest in neonatal echocardiography, structural and haemodynamic assessment and its relationship to clinical interventions and the impact on cerebral perfusion (NIRS).

Dr. Nim Subhedar

Consultant Neonatologist working at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and Clinical Lead for the Cheshire & Merseyside Neonatal Network. He chairs the international registry in neonatal pulmonary hypertension (RePHiNe) project. Nim’s research interests include neonatal pulmonary hypertension, inhaled nitric oxide therapy, neonatal haemodynamics and echocardiography. He is a co-applicant on the UK multicentre NIHR-HTA funded Baby OSCAR trial into early selective treatment of patent ductus arteriosus. He led the first randomised controlled trial of inhaled nitric oxide in preterm neonates and previously chaired the European Inhaled Nitric Oxide Registry.

Dr. Jay Banerjee

Dr. Jay Banerjee, is a Neonatal Consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London's Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, focuses on non-invasive research techniques for neonatal hemodynamics. He utilises machine learning to analyse physiological parameters and investigates the long-term cardiovascular outcomes of prematurity, supported by Imperial NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. With a keen interest in family integrated care research in neonatology, Banerjee is an integral part of the perinatology research group at the IRDB, contributing significantly to advancements in neonatal care and understanding.

Dr. Bikash Bhojnagarwala

Dr. Bikash Bhojnagarwala, is a consultant Neonatologist and clinical lead for the neonatal service at Medway NHS Foundation Trust. Certified in congenital heart disease Echocardiography, he has demonstrated a passion for neonatal and pediatric cardiology, including the application of POCUS in neonatal care. Passionate about medical education, he holds the post of clinical academic tutor and Trust Wellbeing Lead for Kent and Medway Medical School. Additionally, he organizes national pediatric cardiology conferences, instructs in ECHO and POCUS courses, and holds executive roles in professional groups. Dr. Bhojnagarwala has completed several projects and presented at international conferences, focusing on neonatal and pediatric cardiology, showcasing his substantial passion in the field.

Dr. Anna Milan

Dr. Anna Milan, is a Consultant Neonatologist at Evelina London Neonatal Unit (ELNU), part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London. completed paediatric training at the University of Padua in Italy and a PhD in Tissue Engineering in collaboration with the Institute of Child Health in London. Joining ELNU in 2016, she specialises in caring for infants with complex congenital and acquired conditions, providing support to their families. Dr. Milan also serves as the recruitment lead for junior medical staff, expanding her role to educate and mentor future generations. Trained in Functional Echo and Point of Care Ultrasound, she is an accredited trainer for paediatric lung ultrasound.

Dr. Anay Kulkarni

Dr. Anay Kulkarni is a Consultant Neonatologist at St. George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, boasts extensive training in Mumbai University, India, with subsequent specialisation in Neonatology and Paediatric Cardiology in London. Accredited with the European Certification in Congenital Heart Disease Echocardiography, he excels as an expert and teacher in Neonatal echocardiography having conducted over 2000 assessments. Leading the Neonatal Cardiology Service, he focuses on hemodynamic assessment, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Functional Echocardiography. Actively involved in POCUS program development, Dr. Kulkarni directs echocardiography courses and serves as faculty for Neonatal Echocardiography & Haemodynamics courses.

Dr Geza Vass

Dr Geza Vass is a Consultant Neonatologist at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, earned his Medical Degree at Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. After research, he obtained a PhD in Respiratory Medicine and specialised in Pediatrics in Hungary. Subsequently, he moved to the UK, specialising further in Neonatal Medicine. Working in various tertiary neonatal centres, he honed his skills in functional echocardiography and point-of-care ultrasound scanning. Joining the Neo-Focus group in 2021, Dr Vass contributes his expertise to advancements in neonatal care and continues to expand his knowledge in specialised areas of neonatology.

Dr. Virginie Meau-Petit

Dr. Virginie Meau-Petit is an experienced senior neonatologist, has extensive experience in paediatric and level 4 neonatal intensive care in Paris and London. Over the past two decades, she has specialised in neonatal and paediatric hemodynamics, earning a master's degree in 2016. A key advocate of neonatal lung ultrasound in the UK since 2014, she holds accreditation as a mentor by the British Intensive Care Society. Co-founding the neoFOCUS-UK group and leading the French group for paediatric lung ultrasound (GEPP), she emphasises a holistic, physiology-based approach to patient care. Dr. Virginie Meau-Petit's publications on heart, central lines, and lung ultrasound contribute to advancing individualised care by integrating clinical data with point-of-care ultrasound findings.

Dr Ahmad Sherjil

Dr Ahmad Sherjil is a consultant neonatologist in Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy as well as Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. He is one of the founding members of the group. He has wide experience and expertise in most aspects of neonatal point of care ultrasound including advanced lung ultrasound, neonatal functional/haemodynamic echocardiography and ultrasound facilitated PICC/umbilical catheter insertion and ETT placement. He has special interest in administering surfactant and managing difficult airways with Laryngeal Mask Airway. He has an ongoing contribution as instructor in lung ultrasound courses conducted by the group nationwide.

Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya

Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya is a distinguished Neonatologist and Senior Clinical and Research Fellow at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, possesses over a decade of experience in neonatal medicine. Specializing in point-of-care ultrasound and neonatal echocardiography, he is a key member of the Scottish Neonatal Hemodynamic POCUS group and Mprove Academy. Dr. Bhattacharya leads training sessions on Lung Ultrasound and Neonatal Hemodynamic Ultrasound, crafting guidelines for clinical practices. As a dedicated research fellow, he explores Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia complexities. His global impact is evident through teaching in Asia, contributing significantly to medical education, and conducting Point of Care Ultrasound workshops across UK units.

Dr. Arin Mukherjee

Dr. Arin Mukherjee took up the consultant post at Saint Mary’s Hospital in 2014 after completing higher specialist training (CCT in Neonatology) in the UK. His primary areas of expertise include functional echocardiography, regional circulation and neonatal haemodynamics. Dr Mukherjee holds a Senior Lecturer position with the University of Manchester and is the Divisional research lead for new-born services. Dr Mukherjee is accredited in Congenital Heart Disease Echocardiography by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, endorsed by the European Society of Cardiology.

Dr Harsha Gowda

Dr Harsha Gowda Consultant Neonatologist at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital part of University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS trust. His expertise is Neonatal cardiology, echocardiography, haemodynamics, POCUS, preterm stabilisation, and surfactant administration. He is Training Programme Director for Neonatal education/teaching for West Midlands deanery. Dr Gowda organises and faculty in Neonatal POCUS study day, Neonatal ventilation workshop and regional ECHO meetings. He has led many audits, QIP’s and number of short research projects. He has done various conference presentations and publications in peer reviewed journals. He is also clinical tutor for junior specialist doctors at UHB and contributes to medical education